Interest Only available:

2/28, 3/27, 5/25, Fixed

Full Doc or Stated @ 550 FICO

Use I/O amount to calculate DTI

ZOOM Program :

1 day Out of BK up to 100%

No VOR or VOM up to 100%

No reserves

No source and seasoning of funds

Co-Borrower with less than 500 score OK

Other Products :

No Condo Add

TD7 – Go to docs in 7 days or less take .50 off your rate

Stated wage earner OK

Up to 90% on Rural

3/27 same pricing as 2/28

No MI on all products

Consumer Credit Ignored

80/20 Financing to 800K

Non Owner Interest Only

1099 Lite Doc

(will offer in other states within 60-90 days)