Financial Advice

Who Can Provide Financial Advice?

Different types of consultants, agents and planners are capable of offering financial advice. They offer advice for the industry in which they specialise. For example, a retirement planner offers financial guidance to people who want to manage their retirement funds. Investment advisers offer recommendations for different types of investment options. Wealth management advisers help manage existing wealth. london chartered accountants offer account and financial planning services to their clients. accountants in Bromley help manage accounts of businesses. Life planners help manage all necessary life investment plans. Financial planners advise on all aspects of financial planning. It is important to take advice only from a certified consultant who is trained, certified and licensed.

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Who Would Need Financial Advice?

Everyone earning an income needs financial advice. Money saved after basic expenses should be invested wisely. Without proper financial planning, it is not possible to invest in right financial instruments. Most investment products have a long gestation period. Without proper planning, a person can invest in wrong products that will not deliver the desired return on investment. Financial planning guidance is needed even by organisations and entities that have some wealth, funds and properties. They have to invest properly so their organisation does not face financial difficulties in the future. Governments need advice from top financial planners to manage its funds and assets.

How Can an Accountant Provide Financial Advice?

Accountants help clients mainly with the accounting but they also offer financial planning in various ways. Proper accounting is necessary to know how much money is left to invest in savings and other products. Accountants with experience are aware of different types of funds and investment opportunities where money can be invested for good returns. Any large investment requires proper accounting as well. An accountant working as a financial planner can be an asset to any company. Services of accountants are needed by businesses that make at least a certain level of high income. Individuals seek advice of an accountant when they are going to receive a large fund, giving money to their children, or managing rental properties.

How Could a Mortgage Lender Provide Financial Guidance?

Advice related to properties and mortgages are needed by people planning to buy a property or those who already have one. Borrowing a mortgage is one of the most important financial decisions in a person's life. Its process must be handled properly or it can result in rejection of the mortgage application by the lender. People planning to borrow a mortgage should first consult an expert mortgage adviser. This type of advice is available from brokers, lenders, loan agents and financial consultants. They assess a person's current income and future income prospects to determine the mortgage amount. Daily expenses and large future funding requirements like higher education of children are considered. These data and information are used to calculate how much home loan amount the applicant can borrow and repay.

Who Would Need Mortgage Advice?

People planning to borrow a mortgage need mortgage advice. Even borrowers facing some type of difficulty with their existing mortgage seek expert advice from mortgage consultants.